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High Pressure Laminated Boards

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;High Pressure Laminate:( HPL) is a decorative surface material; produced under heat and pressure by pressing phenolic resin and melamine saturated multiple layers of Kraft paper, overlay and décor paper by multiple opening presses. HPL Laminates; are produced as laminated sheets in the multiple opening presses by pressing 60-90 min. under 170 C° of heat and pressure about 100-120 kg/cm². The curing process brings the product into a well integrated molecular structure that gains the product as a bacteria repellent feature. The product is preferred by health care organizations due to bacteria repellent feature.

Our High Presure Laminates on MDF boards come in 2 textures .   Artika  & Rain.. 

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Grigio Notte
***   ON SALE  ***   High Pressure laminate on MDF board. Shown here in..
Midnight Echo
***   ON SALE  *** High Pressure laminate on MDF board. ..
Tapai Bamboo
***   ON SALE  *** High Pressure laminate on MDF board. ..