Dow Corning Tub-Tile Ceramic Sealant

Dow Corning Tub-Tile Ceramic Sealant

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Manufacturer: DOW CORNING
Product Code: PLB 100

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Dow Corning Tub, Tile & Ceramic Silicone Sealant is a one-part acetoxy cure silicone sealant for non-porous surface applications requiring a mildew-resistant sealant. This versatile material can be used as an adhesive, selant, or grout for repairing or replacing ceramic tiles as well as in many other plumbing applications.
It can be used for tub and shower enclosures.
It can be used to form watertight seals around bathtubs, shower enclosures, sink vanities,countertops, lavatories, faucets, saunas, hot tubs, plumbing fixtures, drains, piping, shower doors and floor seams.

• Cures to 100% silicone rubber.
• One part, ready to use. Fast cure, high strength.
• Cured silicone is mildew resistant
• Remains flexible; will not become brittle, crack or tear.
• Removable, reusable, resealable nozzle.
• Clear & almond colors meet the requirements of FDA Regulation No. 21CFR177.2600


  Dow Corning Tub and Tile Ceramic Silicone Sealant Prodiuct Data Sheet  PDF