Kinglside 9252 Adjustable Concealed Soft Close Hinge

9252 Adjustable Concealed Soft Close Hinge

  • Manufacturer Kingslide
  • Product Code: 9252

9252 kingslide concealed hinge

Installing the 9252 soft-close hinge is to eliminate the slamming sound when closing the door of cabinets. The soft-close function that allows the door to move slowly to a fully closed position can prevent not only the pinch by the door but the wear and tear of cabinets. The more hinges are installed, the stronger the soft-close force is. The new 9252 hinge can be adjusted to the most desired soft-close motion in accordance with the size of the door and the number of hinges.

9252 kingslide concealed hinge

Two tiered Buffer Mechanism. Fast Response, Silent & Durable

The two tiered soft-close mechanism of '9252 Adjustable Soft-Close Hinges' adopts independent hydraulic dampers that can be disconnected and substituted with an ease. You can simply open the cabinet with light force and close it silently. The newly-designed damper can effectively absorb the closing force to reduce the closing speed and eliminate the noises.

1 Soft-close activation zone: 40~50 The door shuts completely with fast response.

2 Force-free zone: The door can be held still in any position.

9252 kingslide concealed hinge

6-Way Fine-tune Adjustment for Perfect Alignment

Without disassembling the hinge, you can easily fine tune the door alignment with 6-way adjustment design.

 Height Adjustment: +/- 2.0mm

2 Side Adjustment: Left-0.5mm Right-3.5mm

3 Depth Adjustment: +/-2.25mm

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