Tece PVC Adhesive Screw Caps

PVC Adhesive Screw Caps

  • Product Code: pvc screw cap

Conceal the screw heads or damages .

Can be cut to fit
Same texture, color and appearance of industry standard sheet goods
Provides durable, attractive coverage


Surface to be applied: it must be clean; it must be free of dust, dirt, oil, or any other material that can prevents a proper adhesive of screw cover to the board. We ask the users to clean the surface of board with a slightly damp cloth before sticking the cover.

After peeling off the screw cover from the white substrate, make sure that there is minimal contact between finger and the adhesive.

Temperature: the ideal temperature for application is room temperate between 18º C and 25° C.

To apply the screw cover: the cover should put over the screw / hole and put pressure on it. The result should be checked after 24 hours after application.  


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