urban cloud, wilsonart quartz


  • Manufacturer Wilsonart
  • Product Code: Q6018



Urban Cloud is a medium-grey quartz that contains short and slightly faded veins in off white. The design contains a very fine off-white particulate grain throughout that lends a natural stone appearance and depth to the design.

Wilsonart® Quartz surfaces are non-porous, formulated to stand up to the harshest environments and do not require sealing.  They are highly resistant to bacteria, chemicals, stains, heat and moisture. 

For everyday cleaning, simply wipe your Wilsonart Quartz countertop with a soft cloth, soap and water. A mild household cleaner such as Windex®, Green Works® or 409®are acceptable. After cleaning, wipe the surface completely dry to avoid streaks. Spills should be wiped up immediately.    Abrasive pads and powders can damage the finish of the surface. To avoid dulling the Wilsonart Quartz surface, use non-abrasive cleaners, pads and sponges.  DO NOT USE: bleach, oven cleaners and abrasive pads or powders (i.e. Ajax®, Comet®, etc.). 

Wilsonart Quartz is extremely heat resistant and can take temperature changes that most other surfaces cannot. However, all surfacing can be damaged by extreme temperature changes, both prolonged and sudden. Wilsonart recommends the use of trivets or hot pads when placing hot skillets, pans or other heat generating kitchenware on the surface. DO NOT place hot cookware directly on any Wilsonart Quartz surface. 

Wilsonart Quartz surfaces are very stain resistant. However, we recommend avoiding high pH cleaning products as they can damage the sheen of the surface. If your surface happens to be exposed to any potentially damaging products, rinse with water immediately to mitigate the effects of any strong chemical or solvent. 

Physical Abuse
Wilsonart Quartz surfaces are more durable than most surfaces available today. These surfaces are very resistant to cracks, scratches, impact and stains. But they are not scratch-proof so take care when using sharp objects near the countertop. Like any surface, excessive pressure on the surface with a sharp object can damage it. Cutting boards are always recommended when preparing food. 

With proper care, your Wilsonart Quartz surfaces will look sleek and lustrous for the lifetime of your kitchen, bathroom or work environment.

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